wowowoww big sketch/doodle dumps!

The first page has a coupla 1st school day Lokis, a Jill, a lil Whore of Babylon and Samson thing, and this character I thought up of called Two-Faced. I think she’s like a spirit or something and used to be this nice looking girl when she was human, but was really a nasty person inside.

Page two has a few more Lokis and a human Loki, a Hornfels, a Dr. Fetus, and some funny looking fox(top) and wolf(bottom). Woo.

Oh gosh the third page is how I feel about my crush. They are always girls who are his friends who surround him and hang out with him all the time and I’m kinda his friend but I stray away a bit. Heh. Oh and I tried(and failed) to draw a human-like moth because those are really popular and pretty but mine is bluh. Oh and my crush let me borrow his jacket one time and it was niiiice.

Psssh page four has a little comic inspired by holycoyote’s headcanon of Samson’s eyebrows. The bottom half has some silly crag scribbles because I haven’t drawn those guys in forever. Phew.

wow ok I’m done enjoy this I hope

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